Motion Underground was founded in 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. Founder Kenny Jimenez had a mission to form a dance community and teach students the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance which included hip hop dance technique, vocabulary, history, and culture.  He exposed students to Master Hip Hop Teachers from the east coast like Buddah Stretch (aka “the Father of Hip Hop Dance”) and Moncell Durden of “Elite Force” and west coast teachers like Gary Kendall (Jabbawockeez), Lindsay Blaufarb, and Teresa Espinosa through his annual “Colorado Hip Hop Festival”.  Students learned quickly that Hip Hop dance, when taught properly in a studio setting, was a dance form rich in it’s own history and technique, not simply dancing to ‘pop’ music.

Through Motion Underground’s teaching methods and program, numerous students went on to lead successful careers in dance. Notable students like Misha Gabriel, JD McElroy, Julie UrichTara Cluck and numerous others continue lifelong careers in the dance and entertainment industries.

In 2012, Kenny Jimenez moved to Michigan to take on a new role as the Entertainment Director for the Detroit Pistons.  He founded the Pistons PAC for the Pistons, hiring Kendall Duda to direct the Jazz and Contemporary program and Tyler Piro to direct the Hip Hop program.

This year, the program continues under the name Motion Underground Dance Co.  The commitment to instructing students on the fundamental elements of both Hip Hop and Jazz foundation, as well exposing students to current entertainment industry trends, remains. Our goal is to teach, inspire, and mentor a new generation of art and dance enthusiasts and entertainment professionals.  Learn about the benefits of Motion Underground’s Program.