We are lucky to have a vibrant dance community in Michigan with many options for student instruction! We understand that selecting a training facility is an important decision and that a number of factors, such as location, culture, pricing, program offerings, etc., must be weighed in order to make the best decision for your family. We have outlined some of what we feel makes us unique to help in your selection process:

Cool Culture 

Motion Underground is ‘hip’ and relevant!  It is evident to most everyone from the moment they enter that we are cutting edge. Our technique is traditional, but out production pieces, choreography, music selection and style, is innovative and reflects what is most prevalent in the dance and music entertainment industry today.  Our instructors are working professionals on a national, professional sports and entertainment level.  The professional standards they must personally meet are exemplified and passed down in their teachings.

Consolidated Schedule 

As you may be learning or familiar with, most performance based (competitive) studios require approximately 10+ hours of dance training each week.  Our program is simply not that intensive.  We outline the material and techniques in the classroom, and expect students work on items taught on their own time at home.  So, in essence, we have a concentrated requirement of only 4 hours every week.  We are proud that our schedule allows students to partake in a number of other school and athletic programs which work to the student’s benefit.

Low Cost

Because we require only 4 hours per week, and we are not competitive based, are prices are competitive and below industry norms for what we offer.

Better Performance Opportunities 

As working entertainment professionals, we are able to present a number of performance opportunities to our students outside the regular competition/convention circuit.  Our students have been hand selected as professional cast members of the Detroit Pistons Entertainment Teams, have performed with notables like Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall (Ju Ju on that Beat), and in the last two years, ten students have gone on to dance professionally for the Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons dance and cheer teams upon turning 18.