Our Junior Performance Company is comprised of dancers between the ages of 9 and 12 who are passionate about performance and would like to spend more time dancing during the week.  Company students are ones who show dedication in their dance training through consistent attendance, serve as role models for students in their classes and who have the desire to take their dance and performance training to a higher level. 

Junior Company members are required to take no less than four hours of dance training every week which includes a Hip Hop Class, a Jazz Class, and two company rehearsals.Company rehearsals are the time students spend learning choreography and practicing performance pieces prepared for Pistons game entertainment productions, student showcases, and other public performance opportunities. In addition to learning dance pieces, company time is focused on setting a fun, positive, team building and engaging learning environment that is critical to developing youth. Because these groups spend so much time in classes and rehearsals together, it is a great way for students to bond with their peers who share the same passion for dance.

Performance Opportunities Include:

  • 2 in-game performances with the Pistons Entertainment Teams
  • 1 Showcase (Studio Performance Productions)
  • Various Community events and public showcases
  • 3 Convention/Competition performances

If your child has interest in becoming a Jr. Company member, let us know!  We will review their skills in our regular weekly classes and determine the best placement program for them.

Jr. Company Schedule – Requirements

  • 5:00 Tuesday Jazz Class
  • 6:00 Tuesday Rehearsal
  • 5:00 Tuesday Hip Hop Class
  • 6:00 Tuesday Rehearsal

Cost = $185 when paid before the 1st of the month